San Diego Reader concert review
“A fascinating glimpse into this world of cutting-edge technology married to forward-thinking music…. Telematic transmission cannot exceed the speed of light, so with 12,000 kilometers of distance between the two sites, you would have thought that the delay would have been more of an issue. Somehow, these folks have been able to compose music that embraces the latency, because this performance really flowed….” Read the full article…
“Future Jazz: telematics at UCSD,” by Robert Bush, San Diego Reader, April 9, 2013.

KPBS Radio feature:
“When I walk into the black box rehearsal space at UCSD, I find two sets of musicians. One group, composed of four, is here in the room with me. The other, a trio, is in a rehearsal space at Amherst College in Massachusetts. They may be miles apart, but they’re performing one piece of music together, in real time….” Read the full article…
“Music Made Miles Apart,” by Angela Carone,, April 4, 2013.

San Diego Union Tribune feature:
“The result, ultimately, is not a celebration of technology, per se. Rather, it’s a demonstration of how technology can be used to enable visionary artists to revel in the joys of making truly interactive music together. “This technology allows us to transcend location and to make music with people you have a real creative chemistry and affinity with,” Dresser said.” Read the full article…
“Virtual concert tour a first,” by George Varga, Union Tribune, April 4, 2013.

San Diego Reader preview article
“Imagine Skype on steroids, with a little Star Trek tossed in for good measure and you’re on your way to getting the idea. It depends on the kind of high-speed networks and highly trained audio/video personnel currently only available at select universities.” Read the full article…
“Shrinking the carbon footprint with a “virtual” tour,” by Robert Bush, March 26, 2013.

Hampshire Gazette preview article
“As Robinson explains, the differences in how musicians hear one another — whether playing together in a small club, a large concert hall or on different continents — makes for considerable variety in how players respond to one another, a particular value in jazz, with its emphasis on improvisation and solos. Telematic music, he says, “gives us a different kind of connection, and you can write music specifically geared to that….” Read the full article…
“Telematic music: Musicians perform together ‘live’ from opposite coasts,” by Steve Pfarrer, April 3, 2013.

Dijazz Radio preview
“Un buen concierto de jazz dependerá siempre de una infinidad de factores: la calidad de los ejecutantes y -por qué no decirlo- su humor, lo que tocan, la acústica del recinto, el sistema de sonido, la afinación de los instrumentos, el público y hasta el clima. ¿Qué más podría afectar el resultado? Seguramente muchas cosas, entre ellas que los músicos no se encuentren en el mismo espacio físico….” Read the full article…
“Imperdible,” by Pedro Cesar Beas, Dijazz Radio blog.

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